Hey guys, welcome to my website (credits at the bottom)! squeakynugget here - if you didn't know that already, idk what to say - to tell you a bit about me. Also, feel free to look around and click everything in sight; there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. :D

Go to the Discord page to find out more!
I know HTML, CSS, and JS (duh! I made this website). I know my way around any UNIX-based (MacOS, Linux) system with a bash shell, and I actually have some packages for Debian Linux (https://bash-scripts.akhilzebra.repl.co/) that I made! More on the Coding page.
I'm on a Java Edition realm with Leafy0519, Harold_Tryhard (username may be outdated), duckbutgame, and Dragonboy. We do a whole lot of nothing on our SMP, and Leafy and I are the only ones who stream stuff (only once in a blue moon though). More on the Minecraft page.


Code completely by me (squeakynugget)!
Excellent artistic suggestions, feedback, and encouragement from Vincent, thank you!
Lots of unsolicited comments and advice from Leafy0519 and Dragonboy.
Quote by Vincent: "Coders like squeakynugget are InTErEsTiNg, but smart. Take that as you will."

Thanks for scrolling all the way down, I really appreciate it! I just wish people would scroll all the way down for every website they visit.